Chief Observer Eduard Kukan presents preliminary statement of EU Electoral Observation Mission to Uganda (20/02/2016)

Eight weeks after the European Union Election Observation Mission arrived in Uganda to observe the 18 February General Elections, and two days after the polling, Chief Observer Eduard Kukan presented the mission’s preliminary statement of the electoral process to media in a press conference at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel, noting voter enthusiasm for democratic process had been eclipsed by an atmosphere of intimidation and ruling party control of state resources in Uganda’s third multi-party elections. 

A statement from the office of the EU High Representative said the EU Election Observation Mission's preliminary assessment highlights shortcomings in the election process, notably in the areas of neutrality, transparency and the effectiveness of the election administration amongst others. 

Watch video of the press briefing here:  

Read the EU EOM preliminary statement in full here: 

And see the statement by the EU HRVP's spokesperson here: