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Cape VerdeCape Verde

Relations are governed by the Cape Verde-EU Special Partnership, which goes beyond the traditional donor-beneficiary relationship by means of an action plan focusing on:

  • good governance
  • security and stability (including fighting illegal immigration, drug-trafficking and organised crime)
  • regional integration
  • sustainable development and the fight against poverty
  • information and knowledge-based society and culture
  • normative and technical convergence.


The EU is Cape Verde's main trading partner. In December 2011 Cape Verde obtained access to the GSP+ trade regime. 

Development assistance    

The EU earmarked €51m for Cape Verde through the 10th European Development Fund (2008-13). That amount has since been increased by €10.2m, bringing the total to €61.2m. The main focus of the programme is on alleviating poverty and developing the Special Partnership.