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Chairman EUMC Gen. Patrick de Rousiers - Lecture at Center of Military Schools, Maribor 2 July 2014


The Chairman of the EU Military Committee, Gen.  Patrick de Rousiers, visited Slovenia upon invitation by the Chief of General Staff, Major General Dobran Božić.

Formal transfer of EUCCIS from GSC to EEAS


On 30 June 2014, the European Command and Control Information System (EUCCIS) was transferred from the General Secretariat of the Council (GSC) to the European External Action Service (EEAS). 

CSDP Training Programme for Eastern Partnership countries (AUT/LTU)


Austria and Lithuania conducted the first CSDP Training Programme for Eastern Partnership countries (CSDP TP EaP). The series of training events included eLearning, an Orientation Course in Brussels and finally an interactive reflection seminar in Kiev. The host countries organised the events under the aegis of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC).

EDA Sign Procurement Arrangement with EUFOR Althea


On 20 May, Claude-France Arnould Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency (EDA) met with General Sir Adrian Bradshaw the Operation Commander of EUFOR Althea and Deputy SACEUR.

EUPOL COPPS and Palestinian delegation participate in EU Day in Brussels


A joint delegation of EUPOL COPPS, the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) and the Palestinian Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) participated in Brussels in the celebrations of Europe Day which was organised by the European External Action Service.

Head of the EU OPCEN visits EUTM Somalia CSDP Mission in Mogadishu


On Tuesday 8 April the Head of the EU OPCEN, Capt. Francisco CORNAGO DIUFAIN, presented to the PSC a new Synergies and Coordination Portal for the Horn of Africa (SCOPE HoA).

Head of the EU OPCEN visits EUCAP NESTOR CSDP mission in Djibouti


On Monday 5 May 2014 the Head of the OPCEN accompanied the Head of Mission EUCAP NESTOR to the gendarmerie training facilities in Djibouti were the Somali Coast guard and maritime police are trained during a six weeks course.

ESDC at the extensive multidimensional exercise VIKING 14


This week, ESDC visited the one of the most extensive multidimensional exercises of its kind, Viking 14, in Enköping, Sweden. The exercise is a training platform designed to prepare civilians, military and police together for deployment to a peace or a crisis response mission area. The Head of the ESDC, Mr. Hans-Bernhard Weisserth, paid a visit to this event on the official visitor's day.

Eutm Somalia starts its training activities In Mogadishu


0n 23 February, the official ceremony for the inauguration of the first “Train the Trainers” course, planned and organized by EUTM Somalia took place at Jazeera Training Camp (JTC) in Mogadishu.

EU Border Assistance Mission supports Libyan Customs


On February 19th, EUBAM Libya attended a graduation ceremony for over 1,000 customs recruits at the Customs Training Centre in Tripoli.

EU Defence ministers discuss EU military operations and the future of CSDP in Athens


The Informal Meeting of EU Defence Ministers will take place in Athens on 20-21 February. It will be chaired by Greek Minister of National Defence Dimitris Avramopoulos on behalf of the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton.

Visite du Président du Conseil Européen et du Premier ministre du Niger à EUCAP


Le Président du Conseil Européen, Herman Van Rompuy a effectué une visite de travail au Niger, le 20 février 2014. Un accueil digne de la coopération qui existe entre l’Union Européenne et le Niger lui a été réservé par le Président de la République du Niger et son Premier ministre qui se sont rendus à l’aéroport et l’ont accompagné tout au long de sa visite à Niamey.

EU Border Assistance Mission supports Libyan Customs


On February 19th, EUBAM Libya attended a graduation ceremony for over 1,000 customs recruits at the Customs Training Centre in Tripoli. Mustafa Turjman, Director General of Libyan Customs, thanked EUBAM for its support in achieving better cooperation with the sister agencies of Border Police, Border Guards and Coast Guards.

New Commander of EUTM Somalia


On 14 February, the official ceremony for the transfer of authority between EUTM SOMALIA Mission Commander Brigadier General Gerald AHERNE (IRL) and Brigadier General Massimo MINGIARDI (ITA), took place at EUTM Headquarters, International Campus, MOGADISHU.

Visite du CIVCOM à EUCAP SAHEL Niger


Le président du Comité chargé des aspects civils de la gestion des crises (CIVCOM) et les délégués de 12 pays membres de l’Union européenne ont séjourné à Niamey du 1 au 5 février 2014

Council conclusions on Common Security and Defence Policy


In view of the European Council of 19-20 December which is expected to provide a new steer for the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), the Council has over recent weeks studied High Representative Catherine Ashton’s report and the Commission’s communication on the defence sector.

Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) orientation Course


General Patrick de Rousiers, Chairman of the European Union Military Committee, has addressed the participants to the CSDP Orientation Course, on the 4 November 2013.

Director General of the EU Military Staff, Lieutenant General Wolfgang WOSOLSOBE, visited the National Defence University (NDU), Warsaw, Poland


On Thursday, 24th October 2013, the Director General of the EU Military Staff, Lieutenant General Wolfgang WOSOLSOBE, visited the National Defence University (NDU), Warsaw, Poland.

ISAP Accreditation in Basra


On 25th September seven ICS staff from Iraqi Correctional Service (ICS) Southern Region received accreditation as trainers in ISAP (International Standards Audit Programme) and recognised competencies to conduct training in Prison Leadership and Prisoner Classification.

EUTM SOMALIA: New Commander In Mogadishu


On the 24th September 2013, Colonel. Lorenzo CUCCINIELLO (ITA) took over as the new Commander of the Mentoring, Advisory and Training Element (MATE) of the European Union’s Training Mission in Somalia.

Baghdad Penitentiary team second workshop/MMA-activity on prisoners’ Rehabilitation and Reintegration


On 17-18 September 2013, the EUJUST LEX-Iraq Penitentiary team in Baghdad conducted a second workshop/MMA-activity on prisoners’ rehabilitation and reintegration for Iraqi Correction Service (ICS) senior management. Risk - and needs assessment and sentence planning are baselines in the rehabilitation and reintegration process of a prisoner.

Medal Parade in EUTM Somalia, Kampala (Uganda)


On 10th September, European Union Training Mission Somalia Commander, Brigadier General Gerard AHERNE (IRL) awarded seven (7) EUTM members of his Mission Headquarters (MHQ) staff with the Union Common Security and Defense Policy Service Medal for Somalia. Staff members awarded came from several EU member states (Finland, Germany, Italy and Spain).

30 juillet 2013. Signature de l'accord (SOMA) concernant le statut d'EUCAP SAHEL Niger.


Le Ministre des affaires étrangères et de la coopération, de l’intégration africaine et des nigériens à l’extérieur Mohamed Bazoum, au nom du Niger, et le Chef de délégation de l’UE au Niger Hans-Peter Schadek, pour l’UE, ont signé le 30 juillet 2013 l’accord de siège (SOMA) concernant la mission civile EUCAP SAHEL Niger.

EU and Somalia to organise a ‘New Deal for Somalia Conference’ in September


The EU and the Federal Government of Somalia will host “The New Deal For Somalia Confer- ence” in Brussels on 16 September. The interna- tional conference aimes to endorse the “New Deal Compact” that will commit the Somali people and their inter- national partners to a set of key priorities and new support for the reconstruction of Somalia over the next 3 years. This Compact is a milestone in the ”New Deal for fragile states” framework which commits both national and international partners to jointly deliver on the most critical political, security and socioeconomic priorities.

EU Common Security and Defence Policy: how does it work?


The EU can decide to launch civilian and military missions to ensure peace and security in troubled regions.

Green light for civilian mission to support border security in Libya


On the 22 May 2013 the Council established a civilian EU integrated border management assistance mission in Libya (EUBAM Libya). It will support capacity building for enhancing the security of Libya's land, sea and air borders and is expected to gradually start deploying in June.

EU capabilities


The EU draws on military and civilian resources from its Member States.

EUTM Mali - La compagnie de protection de Koulikoro


La compagnie de force protection de Koulikoro est arrivée au camp de formation le vendredi 22 mars 2013 en fin d’après-midi. Partie de France le 17 mars, elle est arrivée à Dakar, au Sénégal, en fin de journée.

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