EU Military staff

EU Military Staff

Who we are & What we do.

Major General Johann Luif, Head of MissionDirector General EU Military Staff, Lt General Esa PULKKINEN 
Bio Lieutenant General Esa Pulkkinen pdf - 98 KB [98 KB]

We, the EU Military Staff, are the source of military expertise within the European External Action Service (EEAS). The EUMS role is to provide early warning, situation assessment, strategic planning, Communications and Information Systems, concept development, training & education, and support of partnerships.

We work under the direct authority of the High Representative / Vice President, (HRVP) Federica MOGHERINI, who leads the EEAS and chairs the Foreign Affairs Council and Defence. 

The EEAS coordinates the external actions of the EU. As the EU's diplomatic service, it is also responsible for the development and execution of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). We are committed to be the military component of this team.

The Military can be used across the full spectrum of crisis prevention, response and management; ranging from support to Humanitarian Assistance, Civil Protection, Security Sector Reform, stabilisation and evacuation of citizens, to more complex military operations such as peace keeping and peace enforcement. We strengthen the diplomatic leverage of the EU, because together with Member States we ensure that the EU can act militarily.

In concert with the EU Military Committee and EEAS partners, we create the circumstances in which military can conduct their Operations and Missions together with their civilian partners in the field. If security reasons deny others the ability to operate, the military will stand and act as necessary, accepting the related risks. This gives us a special responsibility.