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28/09/14 - Statement of Commissioner Füle on Belgrade Pride ParadeEnglish (en)

European Commission Belgrade, 28 September 2014 Statement The EU condemns extremist threats against Belgrade Parade and welcomes the decision by the Government of Serbia to allow organisation of the Pride Parade, and the consequent preparatory work done.

26/09/14 - Gas talks: Oettinger proposed supply agreement for coming winterEnglish (en)

European Commission Statement Berlin, 26 September 2014 At today's gas talks in Berlin, Vice-President Guenther Oettinger proposed a new compromise to secure gas supplies to Europe and the Ukraine during the winter season.

26/09/14 - Canada-EU Summit - A new era in Canada-EU relations: Declaration by the Prime Minister of Canada and the Presidents of the European Council and the European CommissionEnglish (en)

European Commission Statement Ottawa, 26 September 2014 "We, the leaders of Canada and the European Union (EU), meeting today in Ottawa, are committed to strengthening and deepening our strategic partnership that builds on our shared history and values.