CLARIFICATIONS - 2011/131-801 Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development Actions in Partner Countries – Vanuatu (01/09/2011)

Port Vila, 1st September 2011

1. Is there a minimum and maximum total budget for a project?

Concept Notes will be only considered in the selection process if the total eligible costs of the action is equal or over 105, 000 EUROS and equal or less than 150,000 EUROS.

For more information, please see paragraph 1.3 Financial Allocation provided by the
contracting authority inGuidelines for Grants.

2. Can a grant include the purchasing or building of an infrastructure?

As indicated in 2.1.4 Eligibility of cots: costs which may be taken into consideration for the grant, purchasing land and building infrastructure are not eligible costs. However, some times the implementation of a project may require some infrastructure. So,
determining if building and purchasing infrastructures are eligible or non-eligible costs is subjected to the overall assessment of the project proposal, objectives and impact.

3. Can a grant serve to open and run organizations' offices?

As indicated previously, building and purchasing infrastructure are ineligible costs. However, it is difficult to assess whether these types of costs or other costs aimed at covering infrastructure expenses are key for the implementation of the project before
submission of Concept Note. Thereof, there is the need to evaluate the overall design and assessment of project objectives and impact in order to determine eligibility of the costs.

 Please note that period to request for any clarification from the Contracting Authority is now closed.