Election roster

Starting from March 2015, the EOM Roster database will undergo a major reorganization. If your CV has not been updated for a long time, you will soon receive an email message asking you to update it.
If you have never participated in an election observation mission, your CV will be deleted in case it has not been updated for 5 years or more.
If you were selected and evaluated in any election observation mission or NEEDS/EODS training, your CV will be deleted in case it has not been updated for 10 years or more.
Please note, that once your profile has been deleted, the system would not be able to recover any information about your previous missions if you decide in the future to re-introduce your CV in the roster.
For further inquiries please refer to FPI-ELECTION-OBSERVER@ec.europa.eu

The European Commission has developed a database which accelerates the selection of EU election observers and makes it more transparent, impartial and uniform. It also helps keep traces of observers’ experience and performances.


NB: The election roster is conform with the regulations on information, transparency and the protection of private data. The information registered on the election roster is not public. Access is exclusively restricted to the registered candidate and to a limited number of evaluators. Full text of the legal notice is available here pdf - 104 KB [104 KB] .