EU relations with The Gambia

Relations with the EU are based on political dialogue under the Cotonou Agreement, trade and development assistance.

Political dialogue

The broad dialogue – both formal and informal – involving both government and civil society, covers the political situation in Gambia and all aspects of governance.

It seeks to promote a stable and democratic political environment and economic, cultural and social development.

Development assistance


The EU supports Gambia's poverty-reduction goals:

The EU development strategy for Gambia focuses on: 

  •  infrastructure (transport & energy) and regional interconnectivity;
  • Governance.


The EU provided €73m in the period 2008-2013 under the European Development Fund, including support under the MDG Initiative

The Gambia also receives aid from regional, intra-ACP and specific programmes, as well as EU humanitarian aid to tackle the consequences of the Sahel food crisis

Previous EU-funded projects in the Gambia.