EU relations with the Republic of Korea (South Korea)

Since 2010, the EU and South Korea have upgraded their relationship to a Strategic Partnership, ensuring a high level of commitment from both sides. Relations are governed by two key agreements, as well as more specific agreements in several fields.

Political dialogue

The EU-South Korea Framework Agreement (FA)  (2010) addresses a wide range of international concerns, including non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, human rights, cooperation in the fight against terrorism, climate change, energy security and development assistance.

The agreement is currently undergoing national ratification procedures in all EU countries. In the meantime, the previous framework agreement (2001) [288 KB] continues to govern relations.


The EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) (2011) aims at integrating the European and Korean economies, removing barriers to trade between the two partners.

Implementation is overseen by committees which report to a Joint Trade Committee chaired by the EU Commissioner for Trade and the Korean Minister for Trade.

More on EU-South Korea trade relations

The EU has 4 EU Centres in universities in South Korea: 2 in Seoul, 1 in Pusan and one in Daegu. (Contact details )

High-level political summit meetings between the EU and Korea