EU Relations with Republic of Lebanon

Political relations

The EU seeks to help Lebanon develop into a stable, democratic, politically open and economically strong neighbour.

Our bilateral relations are based on the EU-Lebanon Association Agreement pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) , establishing a framework for political dialogue, enhancing trade and promoting cooperation in economic and social fields. The EU-Lebanon Action Plan pdf - 408 KB [408 KB] transforms these objectives into detailed actions.

This second EU-Lebanon Action Plan reflects the principles of the new European Neighbourhood Policy, revised in response to the Arab spring in 2011.

Progress in achieving the Action Plan objectives is annually assessed by the ENP Progress Reports .

Financial assistance

Lebanon benefits from the EU financial assistance, receiving annually approximately €50m from the European Neighbourhood Instrument. This amount is supplemented by various regionaland thematic programmes.

See also:

Single Support Framework for EU support to Lebanon 2014-2016 pdf - 403 KB [403 KB]

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