EU Relations with Mozambique

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EU-Mozambique cooperation aims to support the country to achieve its action plan (Poverty Reduction Strategy), to decrease the incidence of poverty and promote fast, sustainable and broad-based growth.

The EU-Mozambique Country Strategy Paper for 2008-2013 signed in December 2007 has a total budget of € 622 M. Funding from the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) is allocated to several priority areas.

Firstly – and in order to help maintain macroeconomic stability - the EU will continue to support Mozambique’s macroeconomic reform programme through general budget support.

A second priority area is transport infrastructures and regional economic integration. The objective is to alleviate poverty by increasing the access of the poor rural population to public services, markets and job opportunities, while promoting socio-economic growth through increased trade and regional integration. The road network, including regional connections will be expanded and improved.

Another focal sector is agriculture and rural development. Given the population’s dependency on agriculture, improving the performance of this industry has great potential of reducing poverty by increasing food security and income.