EU Relations with Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands have been a member of the Africa Caribbean Pacific (ACP) grouping since 1980. Since then it has received more than €180m in assistance from the European Development Fund (EDF)

The EU Solomon Islands relationships are covered by the EU Delegation based in Honiara, Solomon Islands. (This Delegation covers also Vanuatu).

Political dialogue

The EU's political dialogue with the Solomon Islands focuses on:

  • protecting its vulnerable environment, especially in relation to climate change
  • defending human rights and gender issues. 

The EU and the Solomon Islands are discussing how to collaborate more closely in multilateral fora on these and other issues. 

The Fifth Enhanced EU - Solomon Islands political dialogue took place on 9 May 2014 in Honiara. The dialogue allowed fruitful exchanges of views on domestic and regional political developments, including on the situation of human rights, as well as on the most important bilateral issues between the EU and the Solomon Islands (development cooperation, disaster response, Economic Partnership Agreement and Fisheries). The next dialogue is planned for 2016.

Aid and cooperation

Under the 11th EDF covering the period 2014-2020 pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] ,  an indicative amount of € 40 m has been allocated to Solomon Islands. The focal areas for the assistance  are  Water and Sanitation and Rural Development.

For the period 2008-2013, the Country Strategy  has allocated a budget of €16.2m from the 10th EDF, focusing on sustainable rural development with emphasis on climate change. However, with additional thematic budget lines, Solomon Islands real allocation tripled to €50.7m under the 10th EDF (2008-2013).

The Solomon Islands have also benefited from:

Moreover the EU provided assistance in electoral management for the 2014 elections in the Solomon Islands.