Relations between Yemen and the EU

The EU seeks to develop a closer relationship with Yemen, which would provide for increased political dialogue, trade and economic cooperation, development cooperation and democratic reform.

The relations between the EU and Yemen are currently governed by a Cooperation Agreement pdf - 84 KB [84 KB] which was signed in 1997. To assist addressing the main challenges, priorities of EU co-operation with Yemen were defined in the Yemen Strategy Paper (2007 - 2013) pdf - 298 KB [298 KB] and the Multiannual Programme (2007 – 2010) pdf - 80 KB [80 KB] . These two documents continue to serve as a framework for co-operation, while a new strategy is being developed to address the changing situation in the country. The main aim of this co-operation is to support Yemen’s policy to promote good governance and to fight against poverty.

Improving the security situation, political dialogue, responding to population growth, addressing water shortage, introducing economic diversification and a continuous democratisation process are the main challenges for Yemen. Although in the context of the current volatile situation the EU Delegation to Yemen is limited in its outreach, peaceful transition remains a key political priority of the EU. EU supports the UN-led process to achieve a sustainable solution to the conflict in Yemen. With this in mind, the EU reaches out to all groups of Yemeni society, including the government, as well as non-state and civil society actors and stakeholders.

Development cooperation

The EU has committed since Yemen's unification €300 million to the country, particularly for projects related to food security and economic development, as well as support to civil society. In the past years EU funding has been focussing on reforming security and public finance management, enhancing the resilience and improving the livelihoods of rural communities. As of 2016, the EU will aim to align its development priorities to the new five-year Development Plan for Poverty Reduction (DPPR).