The EU has a long-term commitment to support the people of Afghanistan on their path towards peace, security and prosperity. 

What we do

The EU Delegation to Afghanistan has re-established its presence in Kabul to ensure the delivery of assistance to the Afghan people, to facilitate operational coordination and promote the interests of the EU.

The EU Delegation

  • Prioritises international engagement on Afghanistan and has coordinated its work with EU Member States, countries from the region and other international partners.
  • Supports initiatives inside and outside Afghanistan in support of a peaceful, inclusive dialogue in Afghanistan.
  • Calls on the de facto authorities to ensure the protection and respect of human rights.

Our Office

Organisation of the Delegation

Deputy Head of the EU Delegation   
Ms. Raffaella Iodice

Head of the Political Section and Press Section 
Mr. Ferdinand Jenrich 

Head of Operations (Co-operation) 
Mr. Eric Beaume

Team Leader: Economic Development / Livelihoods
Mr. René Taus Hansen

Team Leader: Social Development / Migration
Ms. Karin Gatt-Rutter

Team Leader: Human Development / Human Rights / Civil Society
Ms. Inita Klavina

Head of Finance, Contract & Audit 
Mr. Liviu Iusan 

Head of Administration 
Mr. Franz Brandl