The EU delegation in Algeria is part of a network of 140 diplomatic missions supervised by the European External Action Service. The first EU representation office in Algeria opened in 1979. 

The Delegation's Mission

New priorities at the heart of cooperation

EU Delegation in Algeria plays an important role in the exchange of information and coordination of activities between the embassies of the EU Member States in Algeria. In addition, the Delegation maintains a permanent dialogue with the authorities and economic actors and associations, monitors the political situation in Algeria and provides public information on the European Union through various means. 

The Delegation also has functions directly related to the 'exclusive competencies' of the European Union, in particular, the monitoring of trade relations between the EU and Algeria. It also monitors the EU-Algeria energy partnership. Similarly, monitoring the implementation of the EU-Algeria Association Agreement is a significant part of its activity.  

In addition, the Delegation implements cultural activities in Algeria, in particular the European Festival, the European Film Days, the Euro-Maghreb Writers' Meetings and the Algerian-European Photographers' Residencies. 

Finally, the Delegation manages bilateral cooperation between the EU and Algeria, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the national community abroad.  

EU-Algeria cooperation is currently based on the Partnership Priorities adopted in 2017: 

  • Political dialogue, governance, rule of law and promotion of fundamental rights.
  • Cooperation, inclusive socio-economic development, trade and access to the European single market.
  • Energy partnership, environment and sustainable development.
  • Strategic and security dialogue.
  • Human dimension, migration, mobility. 

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    EU Delegation to Algeria team

    EU Delegation to Algeria's team.

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The Delegation Staff

A dedicated team

The opening of the first European Union representative office in Algeria dates back to 1979. Since then, bilateral relations have grown and developed, giving rise to a large number of cooperation projects and programmes. The Delegation now has over sixty employees between local and expatriate staff.