The European Union in Cuba supports cooperation projects with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of the country and the well-being of its citizens, as well as exploring areas for joint action to address global challenges. In addition to the development cooperation programmes themselves, there are various opportunities for exchange and cooperation in the fields of education, research and innovation.

EU Cooperation in Cuba

The orientation of EU cooperation in Cuba is based, in accordance with the principles of ownership and effectiveness of development cooperation, on continuous dialogue and analysis shared with the Member States and the institutional and social counterparts in the country.

About 80 projects worth EUR 155 million are currently ongoing, prioritising the sectors of sustainable agriculture and food security, renewable energy and climate change, and modernisation of the economy.

The 2021-2027 programme will focus on supporting sustainable municipalities and boosting the national economy, with an emphasis on MIPYMEs and the sectors of agriculture, energy, communication technologies, creative cultures and biotechnology, including cooperation on development and access to vaccines against COVID-19.

In addition to bilateral, regional and thematic programmes, Cuba benefits from its participation in higher education (Erasmus +) and research (Horizon Europe) programmes.