EU Ambassador's Christiane Hohmann speech at the "Tirana stands with Ukraine" solidarity march


My first words go to you, Volodymyr,

To you, as Ambassador of Ukraine, representing your nation here today, I, representing here the European Union and its Member States, would like to say:

Your citizens, your soldiers, your civil society, your authorities and your President, the other Volodymyr, are a source of admiration for us.

Many were wronged twice.

First many, including many of us, refused to see up until the last minute Russia for what it was and still is: A permanent member of the Security Council of the United Nations blatantly violating international law.

This was and remains a case of pure aggression and a clear-cut breach of the UN Charter, sadly accompanied by horrific war crimes by Russia against the Ukrainian population that we witness every day.

Many were wronged a second time in playing down your military chances after 24 February.

You wronged them!

Every single day, Ukraine puts up a heroic resistance, which will go down in the history of humankind.

Your courage, your resilience, your ingenuity have triggered more than admiration, they are a source of inspiration.

My second words go to Albania, its citizens, its authorities.

With you, we had practically another EU Member State on the UN Security Council.

By aligning and supporting the sanctions against Russia, you have shown us that we share the same vision of the world. Beyond the UN Security Council and the sanctions regime, it is the strong consensus among the population, which is impressive.

A consensus in the population, which, owing to your own history, leaves almost no room for the disinformation campaign of Russia.

A consensus where in the battle of narratives, international law and security won hands-down.

My last words are for us all here.

The European Union, aspiring and acceding States like Albania or Ukraine share, along with our international partners, the same values.

Values of freedom, democracy, respect for international law, security, solidarity, multilateralism and peace.

One of our former officials, Stefan Lehne recently remarked that Jean Monnet, one of the EU’s founding fathers used to say “I have always believed that Europe would be built through crises, and that it would be the sum of their solutions.”

Monnet also offered an explanation for this creative effect crises can have when he added, “People only accept change when they are faced with necessity, and only recognize necessity when a crisis is upon them.”

Volodymyr, this war brought upon us the necessity to act and do whatever it takes to support your country and uphold our common values.                  

Slava Ukraini!