International Monitoring Operation. Support to the process of temporary re- evaluation of Judges and Prosecutors in Albania – Phase III


Overall Objective

Support Albania to enhance integrity, independence and accountability of the justice system.

Summary of the Project

The action aims at contributing to the strengthening of the independence, transparency, efficiency, accountability and of public trust in the Albanian justice system. It envisages the continuation of the International Monitoring Operation (IMO), started under the AAP 2016 with a Phase I of the project
(IPA/2017/394-591) and continued with a Phase II in 2019 (IPA/2020/412- 370 and IPA/2021/424-808).
In particular, IMO will ensure that the monitoring of the re-evaluation of Judges and Prosecutors in Albania (“the vetting”) by the vetting bodies, is carried out until the end of the process, in line with their renewed constitutional mandate and the Law No.84/2016. The final beneficiaries are the Albanian citizens, who – as a result of the vetting process and the work of the IMO – will benefit from increased integrity, professionalism, and transparency of the judiciary in Albania. IMO III will also contribute to restore public confidence and trust in the judiciary, and to consolidate the Rule of Law. The main stakeholders are the Independent Qualification Commission (IQC), the Appeal Chamber (AC),
and the Public Commissioners (PC).


Monitoring of investigations, monitoring of hearings, formulation of dissenting opinions, recommendations to appeal, monitoring of appeals.

Expected Results

The vetting process is properly and timely monitored by the IMO, in line with the Albanian Constitution, the Vetting Law, and European standards.

11,200,000.00 €
Rule of law
Support to CSOs in the fields of Good Governance and Rule of Law
Austrian Development Agency (ADA)
9,700,000.00 €