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Joint press statement of the EU Delegation to Albania and the U.S. Embassy in Tirana

Tirana, Albania

Over the last few years, Albania has made significant progress on EU accession reforms. Among the most difficult but essential steps has been the adoption and implementation of justice reform. We are at an important moment, as justice reform is showing results.  

The vetting of judges and prosecutors is a fundamental element of justice reform. In order to allow the vetting institutions to complete their mission, it is necessary to amend the constitution to extend their mandate for a limited period. The Venice Commission confirmed that the proposed extension is in line with European standards, and is necessary to ensure the equality in law and legal certainty. 

The proposed vetting extension is strongly supported by Albania’s friends who wish to see Albania in the EU as soon as possible. This is not a partisan issue. We hope that all Members of Parliament - regardless of party affiliation - will see this as a matter of national interest and vote accordingly, just as they have always supported Albania’s European path.  A vote for the vetting extension is a vote for the future of Albania in the EU.