Online seminar “Empowering R&I collaboration to respond to the socio-economic challenges of the coronavirus pandemic”


The European Commission is hosting the online seminar “Empowering R&I collaboration to respond to the socio-economic challenges of the coronavirus pandemic”, encouraging global scientific communities to attend the free event. 

Participants, including R&I projects, organizations and individual researchers, engaged in COVID-19 related research, will be invited to network and engage in a discussion around collaboration channels as well as barriers to collaboration.   

The online seminar will be held on 14 October 2021 at 13:30 CET. The event agenda and registration page can be found here.  

Event participants will be presented with the newly launched Coronavirus Global R&I Collaboration Portal in support of scientific collaboration to address the socio-economic aspects of the global pandemic. Attending speakers will share valuable insights on the EU’s R&I response to the Coronavirus pandemic, calls and funded projects, as well as new initiatives.  

This seminar will help strengthen global collaboration in research and innovation and tackle the socio-economic challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. 


Science at the heart of political decision making 

With the increasing complexity of the knowledge required to cope with economic, social and environmental challenges, the European Commission launched a Coronavirus Global R&I Collaboration Portal, a digital hub offering opportunities for researchers and independent research organisations, focusing on the socio-economic aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as broader research fields such as natural and life sciences. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has mobilised science communities across Europe and beyond and sparked a great deal of data exchange and collaboration. Worldwide, researchers, scientists and experts from all fields of knowledge are working together to confront the socio-economic challenges of the pandemic outbreak.  

By enhancing the credibility, legitimacy and access to research data, the European Commission is now inviting global research communities to contribute to addressing the socio-economic aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic, further integrating science with the decision-making process.  

Researchers and innovators are invited to visit the Coronavirus Global R&I Collaboration Portal and register as a member of the global R&I community, to connect with fellow researchers from Europe and across the world, and to explore collaboration opportunities.  


More information: 

Global researchers are invited to register for the event here.  


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