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Partnership Against Corruption Together - PACT


Summary of the Project

PACT’s interventions were focused on:

  • Continuous capacity development for civil society actors in the target area
  • Supporting the initiatives of civil society organisations (CSOs) that promote good governance and fight against corruption at the local level in the municipalities of Northern Albania
  • Launch of the online Anti-Corruption Platform which serves to nationally disseminate and capitalise on local efforts supported by the PACT fund.

Overall Objective

To strengthen the role of civil society in promoting good governance and fighting corruption at the local level in Albania and to contribute to the promotion of good governance and rule of law at local level in Albania.


  • Four rounds of regional workshops (14 workshops in total) on good governance and anti-corruption for 248 CSO representatives, aiming at increasing the capacity of civil society actors to design and implement initiatives in these areas
  • 3 workshops in project development for 70 CSO representatives, aiming at increasing the capacity of potential applicants for sub-grants to design and develop good quality and fundable proposals
  • 1 training in investigative journalism for 15 local media representatives and 1 training in youth engagement and activism for 15 youth representatives
  • 1 Training of Trainers in good governance and anti-corruption for 17 local trainers
  • Individualised technical assistance for 59 CSOs, especially sub-grantees, on organisational and project management, advocacy and strategic planning
  • In the framework of the sub-granting component, the administration of three sub-granting rounds with 43 contracts awarded in total
  • 42 sub-grantees successfully concluded initiatives and reached target groups and objectives
  • 6 exchange of experience meetings were held between sub-grantees during the project implementation; a Handbook of Good Practices was published containing information on their projects and CIVILSC’s sub-grantees’ projects in 2018
  • Regional Forums on Good Governance and Anti-Corruption were established in March 2017 and supported throughout project implementation; each regional forum met at least 4 times until January 2019. 107 CSOs have participated in these meetings.
  • 4 local advocacy initiatives were implemented (one by each regional forum) during 2018. The initiatives focused on Access to Health Services (Lezhe); Implementation of the Law on Anti Smoking (Kukës); Support for Local Farmers to receive funding from government schemes including IPARD (Shkodër); Establishment of a CSO support fund in each Municipality of the Dibër region (Dibra)
  • An On-line Platform on Good Governance and Anti-Corruption was launched in October 2017. The mobile applications (Android and Apple) were functional as of March 2018.


Expected Results

  • CSOs have increased their capacity in organisational management, project development, advocacy and lobbying, and in acting for good governance and anti-corruption issues
  • CSOs have successfully advocated for good governance and anti-corruption, including for improvements in the current legislation and its enforcement especially at the local level
  • Relevant and effective civil society initiatives that promote good governance and fight corruption at the local level have been effectively implemented through the PACT Fund
  • Best practices in good governance and anti-corruption at the local level are nationally capitalised and disseminated
Bulqizë, Fushe Arrëz, Has, Klos, Kukës, Kurbin, Lezhë, Malësia e Madhe, Mat, Mirditë, Peshkopia, Pukë, Shkodër, Tropojë, Vau Dejes
European Union
Implementing Partners: Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF), Act for Society Centre
EU Contribution: 622,625.00 €