Technical design and quality control for property data digitisation and data improvement


Summary of the Project

The purpose of this contract is to assist the modernization and improvement of property rights data through technical design of standards and methodologies and by ensuring Quality Control of digitization and system development results.


Overall Objective

To contribute to strengthening the protection of the right to property in Albania and the country’s capacity, to guarantee in practice the right to ownership, as one of the fundamental human rights, provided through a regulated system of harmonized real property, which offers clear and secure property titles for everyone.


  • Develop the System Quality Control/Assurance Work-plan, including the QC/QA Roadmap, the planned tools and parameters for the ACLIS development quality control,
  • Design the QC/QA process and work-plan throughout the digitisation of legal data, 
  • Plan an automatic quality control process for eliminating overlaps between new and already existing data following the digitization of legal data, 
  • Provide QC on Cadastral Zone bases throughout the digitisation of legal data, 
  • Plan and provide QC/QA on the migration of the digitised legal data into a single database  
  • Design the Map digitisation process
  • Design of the property rights supporting documents (e.g. archive) scanning and QC procedure
  • Develop the new approach, methodology, timeline and standards for the existing property data improvement 
  • Develop a manual for the data improvement teams,
  • Develop a data QC/QA protocol for the property data improvement 
  • Develop the data migration plan for all existing data sources 
  • Develop recommendations for a technical transition plan for the Digitalisation Centre 
  • Provide training for the digitisation centre on the digitisation method regarding newly entered legal data, 
  • Provide training for the map digitalisation and the GIS data update based on the improved methodology.

Expected Results

  • The central integrated land information system & database (ACLIS) is Quality Controlled and tested for rolling out/to be populated with data, 
  • The newly digitised and updated spatial/legal data are quality controlled, validated and migrated to the central database, 
  • Data Improvement related methodologies, specification and standards are provided to the SCA, 
  • Recommendations for the SCA Digitization Centre on re-organization and capacity building on new digitization processes and standards are provided.
Project Value: 999,000.00€
European Union
AAM Management Information Consulting Ltd
EU Contribution: 999,000.00€