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A green future for Armenian agriculture


The coronavirus pandemic has proved that, in the face of an international crisis, we are stronger when united. The EU is working with partners globally to design and build a better and greener world.

Meet Alvard Davoyan

She’s a local farmer from Vardablur - a small, isolated village tucked away in the forests of Armenia’s Lori province.

In her region, high poverty levels are the reality of life. There are few economic opportunities outside of farming, and unemployment rates are above the national average. For those working in agriculture, the remote location often means limited access to the market.

That’s why she and five other women decided to set-up the Vardablur Women’s Agricultural Cooperative, with Alvard at the head. They are united in their love of farming and their drive to withstand the challenges of rural life.

Over the last four years, they’ve been growing organic greens and vegetables in their homestead gardens and selling their healthy produce to local markets and restaurants.

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