EU Ambassador discusses the global strategic situation with the ABC

Outgoing Ambassador Michael Pulch recently engaged on a radio discussion with ABC journalist Patricia Karvelas. He addressed the current unwarranted escalation of tension in Taiwan, the free trade negotiations with Australia and the EU efforts countering pro-Kremlin narratives.


Patricia Karvelas is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced journalists. She hosts RN Breakfast, “the show informed Australians wake up to”. The EU Ambassador, Dr. Michael Pulch, was invited to her program to discuss the current global strategic situation after the recent escalation of tensions in the Taiwan Strait and the ongoing Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

“I am not sure we have been more reserved. We’ve been out there with a G7 statement with our partners early on”, explained Ambassador Pulch when asked about the EU’s strategy following the recent Chinese military drills in the water and air surrounding Taiwan. He detailed how the EU High Representative was very clear about the EU’s concern in the region during the EU-ASEAN Ministerial Meeting: “ HR Borrell spoke very clearly about the fact that we are very concerned about the unwarranted escalation that we have seen from the Chinese side”. “We call on China to stop this activities”, he concluded.

Patricia Karvelas also asked about the free trade negotiations with Australia and whether a new deal could be expected soon. “There is renewed optimism”, Ambassador Pulch stressed; “I heard from all my counterparts in the European Commission, the European Parliament and Member States that there is a new priority for a free trade agreement”.

Before finishing the interview, Patricia could not resist to ask about the future of the bilateral relations with the new Labor government. “I see this relationship on an upward trajectory”, said Ambassador Pulch referring to the renewed momentum and energy in the EU-Australia relations.

Listen to the full interview here