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Video contest devoted to the Human Rights Day


To mark the Human Rights Day on 10 December and to raise awareness of human rights for all, the European Union Delegation to Azerbaijan is organising a video contest. Working individually or in teams, participants 14-18 years of age are invited to create a video clip of an average length of 2-4 minutes, on the theme of human rights.

A jury will select top three videos received. Videos will be judged on effectiveness in raising awareness about the importance of respecting everyone’s human rights, including of children and young persons; originality and creativity; and video quality.

The EU Delegation will award a top prize, a GoPro video camera to the first place winner. Winners of the 2nd and 3rd places in the contest will be awarded an iPad and an eBook reader, respectively. Prizes will be awarded to the teams that will submit the winning videos during a ceremony in December 2021,that will be organised subject to quarantine conditions.

The three winners’ videos will be highlighted on the EU Delegation online platforms.  All participants will receive certificates from the EU Delegation to recognize their efforts.


The videos together with the application form must be submitted by 25 November 2021 via WeTransfer to the:

The video can be in Azerbaijani or English. Written permission from a parent or guardian must be included for anyone under the age of 18 who appears in the video.

The application form and contest rules are provided below: