Slum based Citizens Action Network (SCAN)







Slum based Citizens Action Network (SCAN)

The purpose of this project is to strengthen capacities of youth and women Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to fight for their basic rights to access WASH and Waste Management (WM) services. Through the project an efficient and effective governance will be also established, removing policy barriers, enhancing policy enforcement and activating a mechanism to engage Local Authorities (Ward Councilors) to own and be accountable to ensure the provision of WASH and WM services.


From 1/1/2018 to 30/6/2021 (42 months)

Budget (Euro)

Total costs ; EUR 1,488,436 ; EU contribution EUR 1,339,592.00


Dhaka city (10 slums under 8 wards of Dhaka North City Corporation-DNCC and Dhaka South City Corporation-DSCC)

Implementing Organization (s)

Resource Integration Centre (RIC), lead-applicant

Solidarites International, Co-applicant



Outcome (Specific Objectives) and Outputs (Expected results)

Overall objective: To enhance CSOs contributions to realising the rights to effective WASH and Waste Management (WM) services of slum dwellers and marginalised groups in Dhaka City.

Specific objective: To build the capacity of CSOs in slum areas of Dhaka City to advocate and act for access to the basic rights of WASH and Waste Management, and participate in local governance through collaboration with Local Authorities and the establishment of strong formal linkage systems between them.

Expected results:

Result 1: CSOs are active in assessing their community’s needs and advocating with LAs for the provision of services improving access to the basic WASH and environmental rights.

Result 2: LAs are more willing and proactive in engaging with slum communities and marginalised groups to increase access to basic rights to WASH services and a clean environment.

Result 3: Formal linkage mechanisms allowing communication and negotiation between communities, CSOs and LAs are firmly established.

Result 4: Through the activities, access to effective WASH and Waste Management systems is increased in targeted communities.

Target group(s)

Local CSOs for marginalised groups, ward and city level representative CSOs, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC), Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (DWASA)

Final beneficiaries

60,000 members of slum communities and 29 CSOs