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Contract Award - Re-construction of Piaye Bridge - St. Lucia


Disaster Vulnerability Project. Reconstruction of Piaye Bridge in St. Lucia which was destroyed by a freak storm.



Name of Project: Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project

Procurement of Works- Construction of Piaye Bridge 




  1. Names of each Bidder who submitted a Bid
  2. Bid Prices as read out at Bid Opening

Name of each Bidder who submitted a Bid

Bid Prices as Read Out at Bid Opening XCD

Construction & Industrial Equipment Limited

$ 7,538,332.56

O.B. Sadoo Engineering Services Ltd

$ 7,339,526.99

Skelly Construction Services Limited

$ 7,506,686.88

Trinidad Contractors Ltd

$ 11,060,247.79


  1. Name and evaluated prices of each bid that was evaluated



Evaluated Bid Prices  - XCD

Construction & Industrial Equipment Limited

$ 7,630,773.81

O.B. Sadoo Engineering Services Ltd

$ 7,357,693.49

Skelly Construction Services Limited

$ 7,859,522.88

Trinidad Contractors Ltd

$ 11,059,738.93


  1. Names of bidders whose bids were either rejected as non responsive or not meeting the qualification criteria or non evaluation


Reasons for Rejection of Bid



  1. Name of the winning bidder, and final total contract price, as well as the duration and summary scope of the contract.


Name: O.B Sadoo Engineering Services Limited

Final Contract Price: XCD 7,357,693.49

Duration of Works: Fourteen (14) months

The works consist of:

  • The construction of two bridge abutments
  • The construction of a new composite steel/concrete deck
  • Demolition, down taking and cartage of the existing bridge
  • Raising of approach road levels and construction of new asphaltic pavement
  • The construction of scour protection to protect the riverbank and riverbed
  • The construction of temporary pedestrian access
  • The construction of a bypass road and bridge

The site is located at Piaye, Saint Lucia and is defined in drawings No.  PB-001 to PB-026


Any Bidder who wishes to ascertain the grounds on which its bid was not selected, should request an explanation from the Project Coordination Unit at the address indicated below.  A response in writing shall be provided explaining why such bid was not selected.  If a bidder requests a debriefing meeting the bidder shall bear all the costs of attending such a debriefing meeting.

Attention:          The Project Coordinator

Project Coordination Unit

Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project

Department of Economic Development, Transport and Civil Aviation

2nd Floor, Finance Administrative Centre,

Point Seraphine,


Saint Lucia


                             Tel: 468 -2413