EU Provides EC$18M for Road Rehabilitation in St. Lucia

The European Union is providing EC$18 million (€6.175M) for the reconstruction of the Venus/Anse la Raye road and the rebuilding of the Piaye Bridge in St. Lucia, both of which were destroyed by of flooding resulting from a tropical trough.

EU Ambassador Malgorzata Wasilewska recently attended the start of works for the project, which when finished should also create opportunities for eco-tourism in the area and support agricultural activities. The project is being managed by the World Bank. The road construction aspect of the project is expected to be completed over twelve months at a cost of EC$12.2 million (€4M). When finished it will impact 400 people and open the area to improved agricultural activity which was the main economic pursuit and also better position the communities to benefit from the community tourism. The Venus/Anse la Raye road, which is located in the west of the island links farmers to markets and provides improved movement for various other economic activities. The reconstructed road will form part of the national road inventory and will synchronise with efforts to repair all roads on island. Ambassador Wasilewska told her audience that the EU recognised the project’s role in addressing Climate Vulnerability and highlighted the responsibility of the EU to support countries in times of crisis.