EU-Botswana Policy Dialogue Facility (2019-2023)


This €1.5 million facility is designed to encourage and respond to requests from Botswana stakeholders for policy dialogue and technical assistance in order to conduct key reform processes. The Policy Dialogue Facility fosters partnerships of peers, whereby Botswana institutions seek to learn best practices from Centres of Excellence abroad through exchanges of information and knowledge in partnerships that can benefit both parties. The programme is supported by the Botswana Institute of Policy Development and Analysis, which assists ministries to draft dialogue proposals.

Two dialogues funded by this facility are currently ongoing:

  1. Gender Mainstreaming in the Justice System including Benchmarking and Training (Ministry of Justice and European Institute for Gender Equality);
  2. Development of the National Productivity and Competitiveness Policy and Strategy (Ministry of Labour & Home Affairs, with other Government of Botswana Ministries).

Some upcoming dialogues include:

  • A value chain analysis for commercialisation of Botswana’s culture and creative industries (Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture);
  • Analysis of Waste Entrepreneurship (Department of Waste Management & Pollution Control) ;
  • Designing an Engagement Strategy for Youth Entrepreneurs (Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency).