EU Support to Job Creation and the Investment Climate – (2020-2024)


With a projected long-term decline in diamond revenues and increasing unemployment, Botswana must rise to the challenge of stimulating private sector-led job creation and diversifying its economic base to attain high-income status by 2036 while reducing inequalities and poverty. However, structural problems are affecting the country’s business and investment environment. This €5 million programme is supporting the Government of Botswana to implement “Doing Business” reforms through dialogue with stakeholders, analysis of the legal/regulatory framework, simplification of licensing/permit systems and development of e-government services.

It is also supporting ecotourism development, with a focus on: 1) community-based, economically viable and effectively managed ecotourism enterprises; 2) conservation and heritage areas; 3) strengthening the capacity of existing and prospective ecotourism operators; and 4) addressing legislative constraints and overregulation in the tourism sector.

Since implementation started, the programme has developed a strategy for the ecotourism value chain and updated the Botswana Tourism Satellite Account to better convey the potential of the sector and its contribution to the economy. A large study to improve the business environment, particularly through digitalisation of government services to businesses, was completed and disseminated in 2022.