Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society to Play an Effective Watchdog Role - (2020-2022)


This €225,000 action implemented by the Botswana Council of NGOs (BOCONGO) is strengthening the capacity of Botswana’s Civil Society and the Botswana Association of Local Authorities to play an effective watchdog role regarding the implementation of Botswana’s 11th National Development Programme (NDP11) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at all levels by better coordinating and leading civil society and local authorities constituents.

They are for instance developing social accountability systems to effectively monitor the implementation of the NDP11 and SDGs.  BOCONGO also monitors the preparation and implementation of the national budget to advocate for improved, accountable, effective and sustainable development outcomes.

The Action mainstreams important cross-cutting issues such as human rights by integrating them in the design and implementation of all activities. The principles of gender equality, democracy, children’s and indigenous peoples’ rights and environmental sustainability are all at the core of the watchdog role of civil society and they are reflected as such in this Action. Botswana is the third country most affected by HIV/AIDS in the world. Accordingly, BOCONGO mainstreams HIV/AIDS through the strategies prioritised in the 3rd National HIV/AIDS Response Strategic Framework 2018–2023.