Support to Peace and Security in the SADC Region (SPSS) – (2018-2023)

This €15 million programme is promoting peace, security, stability and democracy across Southern Africa in line with the SADC Treaty. The chosen approach is to strengthen the regional peace and security architecture in the areas of conflict prevention and resolution as well as public and human security. The programme focuses on four main results:

  1. Strengthened capacity for electoral assistance in SADC;
  2. Enhanced capacity in SADC for (gender-sensitive) conflict prevention, management and resolution;
  3. Strengthened capacity of SADC Member States to uphold and enhance cross-border safety and security;
  4. Strengthened SADC capacity to address the prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence (GBV).

Some of the key outputs produced by the programme include:

  • Support to the deployment of SADC electoral observation missions since 2019 and training of 226 short-term and 66 long-term electoral observers;
  • Support for the establishment of the Regional Counter-Terrorism Centre (RCTC) in Tanzania;
  • Adoption of the SADC Protocol on the Control of Firearms, Ammunition and Other Related Materials;
  • Adoption of the Regional Strategy to Prevent and Combat Transnational Organised Crime;
  • Development of a Regional Model Law on GBV to guide national legislation.