Upscaling Environmental Management & Climate Change Action to Improve Urban Livelihoods – (2019-2022)


The overall aim of this €225,000 initiative, implemented by the Lobatse Town Council, is to protect the environment and its natural resources in a way that creates jobs for the urban poor and unlocks the potential to access renewable energy in order to close the electricity divide.

The Local Authority is working to provide innovative solutions to address identified and anticipated urban challenges in a participatory and inclusive manner to allow for community empowerment, particularly of the urban poor. Technologies such as biogas and solar power are being used to provide access to clean and affordable energy to a number of households that are still using firewood for cooking and lighting. Firewood contributes to air pollution and deforestation, and it is a health hazard to those households still burning it. A group of disadvantaged community members has also been selected to participate in a refuse recycling project.