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NGOs distribute food and hygienic products with EU support


On the 9th of May, as well as throughout the month, we will have several solidarity actions taking place on several islands, with the support of our partners in order to celebrate with solidarity and unity in a dignified manner with the largest possible number of Cabo Verdeans.

Together with the embassies of the European countries present in Cabo Verde (Spain, France, Luxembourg and Portugal) we ensure the distribution of food, hygienic and other necessary goods to some of the most vulnerable groups on the various islands, in partnership with FICASE and several NGOs and community associations on the ground.

Here are key messages and the Facebook links of some of the participating  NGOs. Their photographs appear in the Gallery below

Africa 70 Xalabas #isensial - protecting everyone and everyone, in Achada Grande Frente #isensial - wash your hands whenever possible, in Achada Grande Frente 

Friends of Nature – Amigos da Naturezza “In this emergency, nobody can be left behind. Local associations responded to the call: 3 islands involved, 11 projects funded ” 

GBV Association “United by the social good and in solidarity with the NGO ACLCVBG and the EU in the fight against Gender Based Violence and in the fight against the impacts of Covid-19 on the most vulnerable population in Cabe Verde. Together for a healthy life!” 

FECAD “People with disabilities receiving basic food baskets from FECAD through the ACCEDERE project with European Union funding.” 

ADPM “With the campaign “Don't cancel, Re-book!” we intend to sensitize visitors not to cancel their trips, but to reschedule when there are safe conditions, in order to contribute, when possible, to sustainable and inclusive tourism.”  

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