Supply chain disruptions – A platform to match Canadian suppliers with European buyers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, supply chain disruptions are severely affecting European businesses.

To mitigate the vulnerabilities in international supply chains, the EU recently set up the Supply Chain Resilience Platform, to match international suppliers (incl. Canadian) with European buyers.

The Supply Chain Resilience Platform helps companies retain, re-structure or replace existing supply chains, as well as source raw materials, parts, components and/or (semi-)finished goods or services they need to keep production going.

Main goals of the Platform, in a nutshell:

  Promote requests from European companies to sustain their supply chains

  Match international suppliers with buyers of goods and services

European companies – after undergoing a validation process – have already started feeding request for goods (and services) in the platform. For Canadian companies, signing up on the platform is an extraordinary opportunity to easily identify and contact European companies that need reliable business partners today.

The platform focuses on the following sectors:

·       Agri-Food

·       Construction

·       Digital

·       Electronics

·       Energy-Intensive Industries

·       Health

·       Mobility, Transport, Automotive

·       Raw materials

·       Renewable energy

·       Textile

INFORMATION about the Platform

REGISTRATION to the Platform