Call for interest: European Union Visitors Programme 2021


The European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP) is an individual visitors’ programme that was established by the European Parliament and the European Commission in 1974.


What is the EUVP?

The EUVP is a programme designed to enable active or future decision-makers and opinion-moulders outside the European Union (EU) to get an insight into the political system and more concretely into the functioning of European institutions. It enables them to learn the perspective of European decision-makers on a wide range of issues. The programme is jointly sponsored and administered by the European Parliament and the European Commission.

An EUVP study visit is normally 5 working days of meetings with EU officials at EU institutions in Brussels. All programmes are coordinated and arranged by the EUVP Secretariat and neither by individual participants nor by the EU Delegation in China. Travel and per diem costs are covered by the EUVP and the Secretariat will assist participants to obtain their visa, if necessary. For more details on the programme, please visit the or contact the EUVP coordinator (details below).


Who is eligible to participate?

Chinese citizens with a career-related interest in the EU are invited to apply. Ideal candidates, aged 30-40, are professionals in a field where their EUVP experience will enhance their understanding of the EU and contribute positively to their chosen career path. Basic knowledge of EU institutions and their functioning is a plus. Fluency in at least one EU language is normally required of EUVP participants.

Eligible participants fall under one of the following categories: 

  • Politicians: mayors, party officials and advisers to politicians
  • Government officials: central and all levels of government
  • Academics/Think-tanks: those responsible for teaching and conducting research on EU issues
  • Civil society actors: environmentalists, development workers, trade unionists etc.
  • Media: journalists, editors etc.

Please note that private lawyers, industrialists or bankers are considered eligible as EUVP participants only if they exercise responsibility and influence as a member of a national commission or Chamber of Commerce. The EUVP is not designed as a programme for students: participants are required to have completed their university education or equivalent training and to have been employed for several years in their chosen career field.

EUVP candidates are selected from a large number of non-EU countries throughout the world. Non-Chinese applicants should contact the EU Delegation in the country in which they have citizenship.


How are participants selected?

EUVP participants are selected by a Management Committee in Brussels chaired jointly by staff of the European Parliament and the European Commission. Selected candidates will be notified after 15 July 2020. The study visit will take place in 2021 and participants can propose travel date. A list of possible starting dates, along with a letter of invitation will be sent to nominees.


What is the application process?

The EU Delegation to China is responsible for applications from Chinese citizens living and working in China. Please complete the following forms and send them by registered mail or e-mail (with the subject line: Application for EUVP 2021) to the Delegation, no later than the deadline of 23 March 2020.

A brief letter should contain the description of your position as well as your area of expertise, and outline the value of the programme to you. To ensure that the individually-tailored programme reflects your motivation for the visit and your professional interest, your Statement of Purpose should include a description of your current responsibilities, EU theme(s) you wish to examine, topics you intend to discuss, and ideas for potential meetings.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed.

Applications should be addressed to:


EUVP Coordinator

Michal SKRZEK 


Political Press and Information Section

Delegation of the European Union in China

15 Dongzhimenwai Street, Sanlitun, Beijing, 100600 China