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European Virtual Museum Released around International Museum Day

In May 2022, on the International Museum Day, a video series of European virtual museums has been launched on Chinese social media, reaching millions of Chinese users.

This is the second edition of the “European Virtual Museum”, following the first season in 2021. 14 Member States of the European Union participated in the campaign, providing more than 40 videos of museums of art, humanities, science, and nature. Some of the videos feature artificial intelligence (AI) effects, attempting to provide very realistic museum visits.

The videos present museums in Europe with providing a pleasant and immersive experience. All videos are subtitled in Chinese to ensure that interested Chinese audiences understand and experience in full the virtual tours. Tailored for Chinese audiences and presenting museum diversity in the European Union Member States, this virtual cultural journey provides an opportunity to enhance EU-China cultural exchanges in a vivid and accessible way. It also nurtures interest in art appreciation, science, technology and intercultural communication between people from the EU and China.

By May 20th, the programme has accumulated over 10 million online views. The “European Virtual Museum” will remain available online at the distance of a click to growing interested audiences.