Ex-ante publicity: 2022 Sustainability Tour Online Campaign


Description: The Delegation of the European Union to China is planning to carry out a 4-week online communication campaign on the subject of sustainability. The contractor should be able to build a structured communication plan, to design promotional materials, to produce photos, videos and written content for social media and press, and to generate large publicity on multiple social media accounts of relevant KOLs. The contractor should also be able to make all needed logistics arrangements to set up bicycle rides for KOLs, while ensuring the highest safety standards. Capacity to cover multiple provinces of China is also required.

Duration: July – October 2022

Natural and legal persons interested in participating in the tenders are invited to send their application by e-mail to the following address:

By e-mail: DELEGATION-CHINA-PRESS-TENDERS@eeas.europa.eu

Subject:  2022 Sustainability Tour Online Campaign

The application must contain the following information for being accepted in the Candidates' list:

Identification of the candidate, indicating name, business address (full address of registration of the firm, if applicable), contact person, telephone and e-mail.


Sending of invitation to tender (indicative time):

01/03/ 2022

Deadline to express your interest (inscription):