Ex-ante Publicity: tender for the Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) in Colombia


The Delegation of the European Union to Colombia is launching a call for tenders using a (very) low and middle value negotiated procedure for the Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) in Colombia. The training may include the following subjects:

  • Individual security awareness when posted or on mission in high risk environments (Latin America Region);
  • Short introduction to ballistic awareness, mine awareness and weapons effects;
  • Mobile security related to travel to/from and within high risk environments;
  • Hostile Environment Health Brief;
  • Introduction to and use of communications equipment;
  • Hostage and kidnap response;
  • Dealing with aggression and stress management; including reacting to violent crime
  • Medical response

If you are interested to participate, you may express your interest by sending an email to the contact e-mail mentioned below, following the instructions on the webpage.

Contact e-mail address (functional mailbox):  delegation-colombia-vendors@eeas.europa.eu

Deadline for expression of interest:  17 October 2022

Value: € 60.000 < € 139.999  (Middle Value procedure)

Sending invitation to tender:  20 October 2022