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20 Years of Budapest Convention: an Important Milestone in the Fight against Cybercrime


Today the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted the 2nd Additional Protocol to the Budapest Convention. This month the Budapest Convention also celebrates its 20th anniversary! On the occasion of these two important milestones, we created a short explainer on the Budapest Convention and how the EU, the Council of Europe and its partners, like the United States, cooperate to fight cybercrime.

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From fake bank websites to solicit passwords to online fraud and forgery: cybercrime can have far-reaching impacts on our daily life. The Budapest Convention, one of its kind, is a binding international treaty to tackle the issue of cybercrime. The Council of Europe started negotiations in 1997 and opened the Convention for signature on 23 November 2001 in Budapest, Hungary. It entered into force three years later. To this date, the Convention has been ratified by 66 state parties, with 12 additional states acting as observers. The EU has been a strong supporter of the Budapest Convention and has been active in the negotiations of its second additional protocol, which regulates enhanced cooperation and disclosure of electronic evidence. The adoption of the protocol happens against the backdrop of the Octopus Conference, which takes place 16-18 November 2021.

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