Archivist to the Head of Cooperation

28.02.2022 Expired

Delegation of the European Union to Egypt

Job description - Archivist to the Head of Cooperation,
Local Agent - group III - Indefinite term contract
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Job definition

Under the supervision of the Head of Cooperation, ensure a proper functioning of the Operations mail administration and archiving activities.




  • Control the flow of all incoming & outgoing documents related to the entire Projects while archiving the documents to allow easy access.
  • Manage and update archival information.
  • Support the archivist in the organization and maintenance of the archives of the Operations and Finance & Contracts Section in accordance with Commission practices.
  • Maintain a numbering system database
  • Responsible for the Document Numbering (Configuration Control) function, which is used to generate new “Document numbers” and “Revision status” for documents such as Manuals, Procedures, Reports, etc.
  • Provide access to the documents and records taking in to account of the relevant provisions concerning security and data protection.



  • Responsible for General Mail Box of the Delegation/Operation sections.
  • Responsible for attribution all emails and distributed accordingly.
  • Responsible for keeping a carbon copy from all electronic mails.
  • Responsible for processing incoming and outgoing documentation, letters, and faxes procedures for retrieval, and centralized retention of documents received or generated by the Project Program.
  • Responsible for delivering incoming invoices and other documents related to the payment cycle directly to FCAS secretariat twice a day.



  • Providing documentation control services within Delegation of European Union.
  • Provide access to documents (both paper and electronic) relating to the activities of Delegation services under supervision of the Archivist / Records Manager.
  • Describe documents and files (both paper and electronic) on computerized systems and their appraisal under supervision of the Archivist / Records Manager.
  • Carry out actions related to the physical protection, the conservation and the transfer of documents, records and files (both paper and electronic) under supervision of the Archivist / Records Manager.
  • All electronic mails to recipients concerning work related should forward or print to


  • The processes e-mails are logged and uploaded.



  • Under the responsibility of the Head of Delegation and supervision of the HoD/DHoD secretariat to distribute the incoming Diplomatic Pouch related to personnel and projects.
  • Responsible for the processed document “Original or Record Copy” is logged and uploaded.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Responsible for that the “Original or Record Copy” goes to C& F Section and Record Copy be held at CMA & filed in “Chronological order” in the “Document Storage”.
  • All electronic mails to recipients concerning work related should forward or print to CMA.
  • The processes e-mails are logged and uploaded.
  • Any other tasks required by Head of Delegation or Head of Cooperation.


  • Responsible for stamp to acknowledge receipt of the Incoming Contract/Amendment.
  • The process  Contract/Amendment/ Invoices is logged and uploaded.
  • Responsible for stamp acknowledge receipt  of the Incoming Invoices.
  • Responsible for stamp acknowledge receipt  of the Incoming Monthly Reports       and         that

      the Monthly Reports are logged and uploaded.

  • Responsible for stamp acknowledge receipt and distribute Incoming Invitations.
  • Oversees the distribution of documents between sections and floors.



University level education will be considered as an asset.


  • Excellent computer skills and knowledge of office software and IT tools.
  • Excellent level of written and spoken in English and Arabic.
  • Performing high professional standards with regard to reliability, confidentiality, personal integrity, loyalty, and flexibility.
  • Having capacity to focus on priorities and to organise work to deliver on time
  • Having capacity to communicate clearly and concisely (orally and in writing)


  • Experience in working for the an Embassy or International Organisations in the field of administration/archiving is considered an asset;
  • Knowledge/Reading/Writing in French would be considered an asset.
  • Having good analysis capacity and judgement skills.


  • Minimum of 3 years working experience in the archiving and administrative field.


Applicants must fill out the EU-CV2 format  cv_format_2.doc and send it with a Motivation letter indicating the relevant professional experience to the recruitment email: until  20 March 2022 (Please write the post number in the subject)

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