Launch of the Curriculum Framework for Reproductive Health and Population Issues with the support of the European.

Good morning all.


Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, dear guests, thank you for being a part of this event and for partnering with the European Union on the important issue of education and population growth.



As we have heard from previous speakers, population growth is a major concern here in Egypt. We all know the impressive statistics. Having such a young population can be an asset, and others might feel a certain envy given the low average age of “Umm al-Dunya`s” population. That said, it is obvious that the current rate at which the population is growing every year presents multiple challenges too. Prosperity, employment, education and sustainable development for ALL are at stake. The Egyptian government has a clear understanding of this. Containing population growth is considered crucial to turn Egypt`s Vision 2030 into reality and become a high-middle income country.


The EU is providing financial support to the implementation of Egypt’s National Population Strategy.

Our joint programme started in 2018 and is scheduled to last until the end of next year.

The EU grant of 27 million Euros – more than half a billion EGP – aims at:

    1. Improving the supply of family planning services and commodities,
    2. Stimulating the demand for family planning,
    3. and supporting the governance of the National Population Strategy.


We are grateful for our strong partnership with the United Nations Population Fund, the Ministry of Education and Technical Education and Gozour Foundation. Together, we implement this crucial programme. Education is fundamental for human development. Teenagers deserve particular attention. To make the right decisions in family planning, young adults need information. Therefore, this programme aims to make reproductive health and population growth part of school curricula.  


I guess we all agree that sustainable demographic growth is instrumental in balancing population numbers with available natural resources, meeting the aspirations of the public for a better future.

Let me add, now that Egypt has successfully hosted COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, that containing population growth can also limit climate change and environmental degradation.


So: Sound population policies inform the future of our societies – employment, health and environment.

Sensitizing children on these links, throughout their education, is key to attain sustainable demographic growth. The European Union Delegation is glad to be a part of this endeavour. I thank you.