European Week 2022 in Asmara

Europe Week in Asmara

The week of May 9 has seen a number of diverse activities organised by the EU Delegation in collaboration with EU Member States embassies in Asmara to celebrate Europe Day: the birth of the biggest peace project in the world that has proven that the worst of human failures, wars, can be avoided. The events organised around the anniversary allowed to reach out to many parts of the Eritrean society, with a special emphasis on programmes for children, and present Europe’s history and cultural diversity, its achievements and challenges. The goal of bringing Europe closer to Eritreans, especially the youth was well served by colourful and exciting programmes. Among them were drawing competitions for young children around the theme “Europe”, a speakdate to portray the richness and large variety of European languages, a quiz about Europe, its history and culture, and daily cinema sessions also for school children.    

The week of celebrations opened with the usual official May 9 reception at the European residence. Recalling the historic importance of the day the EU Ambassador reminded that almost 80 years after the devastation of the world war, “Russia’s brutal aggression in Ukraine shocked us, by bringing large-scale death and destruction back to Europe… In turn, it triggered a degree of unity and resolve across Europe, not seen in a very long time”.

Happy Europe Day!

European Week 2022 Asmara



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