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Celebrating youth creativity at EU Bushfire Schools Festival 2022 in Eswatini


In the context of the European Year of Youth 2022, the EU Delegation to Eswatini joined forces with Bushfire, the internationally-acclaimed music festival in Eswatini, to bring learners to the EU Bushfire Schools Festival 2022 held recently in the Kingdom. This allowed more the than 600 learners from high schools across Eswatini to explore their artistic talents, express themselves in the many languages of art and to pursue their artistic visions and dreams. It was a day of joy and self-expression as the learners rendered, on stage, heart-warming performances around climate change and nature conservation much to the delight of their cheering friends. On this International Day of Youth (12 August 2022), the EU Delegation to Eswatini takes the opportunity to honour these young people of Eswatini and challenges them to continue to dare to dream. The future is in your hands!