Tender for the purchase of generators


Bandera Unión Europea

The Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia is planning to launch a tender for the purchase of the following generators.

                       33 KVA and 50 KVA

1. Subject matter (title) Purchase of Generators.

2. Description of the procurement

Lot 1 - 33 KVA Generator

Lot 2 - 50 KVA Generator

3. Indicative time for launch of procurement procedure 6th July 2022.

4. Contacte-mailaddress


5. Deadline for expression of interest 28th June 2022, 17:00 hrs Local time.

Companies interested to participate in one of the tender are invited to send a respond by electronic mail to DELEGATION-ETHIOPIA-PROCUREMENT@eeas.europa.eu functional mailbox. The respond must be received no later than 28th June 2022, 17:00 hrs Local time.