Accountable Public Finances to serve Pacific people – Vaka Pasifika


The project will strengthen governance mechanisms to enable Pacific countries to deliver effective public services, which meet the needs of the people.

Pacific Islands countries boast “big ocean” economies, with young and mobile populations and highly resilient societies. However, past investments have fallen short of developing diversified economies offering inclusive services and opportunities, resilient to external shocks, and the increasing pace of climate disasters.

While the scale of Pacific economies does not allow them to respond to all these challenges alone, better management of scarce resources and increased revenue mobilization will help achieving national development goals and basic service delivery.

The Vaka Pasifika Project will support and capacitate oversight institutions and decision makers to be accountable to keep basic service delivery and development priorities in mind while driving fiscal decisions, promoting accountable and transparent governance. Better budget planning and implementation will help to make public services inclusive and people-centred.

Pacific Region
EU Contribution: EUR 6 million
Inclusive society, good economic governance
United Nations Development Programme