Intra-ACP Climate Services and Related Applications (ClimSA) in the Pacific


The project aims to support the climate information services value chain through provision of technical and financial assistance, infrastructure and capacity building. This will ultimately result in improved access and use of climate information and enable the use of climate services and applications for decision-making at all levels in the Pacific region.

The Pacific region is particularly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change. Its unique environment and social and economic challenges limit the capacity of Pacific ACP countries to reduce their vulnerability and exposure to climate change impacts. In an effort to better provide information that will enhance improved planning and decision making by Governments of the region, the Intra-ACP Climate Services and related Applications Programme (ClimSA), an initiative of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) and the European Union has been launched.

The Action will be delivered under five Outputs as follows:

1) Interaction between the users, researchers and climate services providers in Pacific region is structured;

2) Provision of climate services at regional and national level is effectively guaranteed and secured

3) Access to climate information is improved;

4) Capacity of Pacific region is enhanced to generate and apply climate information and products relevant to their particular concerns; and

5) Climate-informed decision-making is enhanced and climate services are mainstreamed into policy processes at regional and national levels.

This project is timely and necessary since climate variability and change are already having and will continue to have severe impacts on national economies and key socio-economic sectors in the absence of this type of large scale, resilience intervention.


Pacific Region
EU Contribution: EUR 9 million
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)