Protecting and promoting of civil, social, economic and human rights for people with disabilities in Solomon Islands


The project focuses on promoting measures and reforms that can ensure recognition, respect, equality and justice for people with disabilities in Solomon Islands.

The project will invest in both, individual and structural change in the formal and informal spheres, which is required for sustainable and meaningful change for the rights of people with disabilities.

This project seeks to achieve the following impact:

  • More women with disabilities are able to access counselling, legal, case management, shelter and psychological first aid services.


  • People with disabilities understand how climate change in the Solomon Islands may affect them, and are empowered to act and adapt.


  • People with disabilities are empowered to increase their household income through employment or entrepreneurial opportunities.
Solomon Islands
EU Contribution: EUR 550,000
International Women's Development Agency (IWDA) in partnership with People with Disability Solomon Islands (PWDSI)