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Solomon Islands: Provincial Governance And Service Delivery


The project aims at improving the necessary institutional conditions for effective decentralized social service delivery, realizing the rights of the population in the nine provinces of Solomon Islands.

To achieve its objective, the following main activities will be implemented:

  1. Undertake a review of accountability and institutional implementation arrangements for health, wash, and education service delivery at subnational level (delineating institutional roles, responsibilities, and functions).
  2. Promote equitable targeting and Provincial Governments’ responsiveness to community needs with use of data and evidence for participatory pro-poor planning, budgeting, financing, and monitoring.
  3. Establish a participation mechanism for children, youth, and women as well as vulnerable populations to influence social policy and evidence-based budget allocation at Provincial Government level.
  4. Support provincial governments, in coordination with the provincial offices of education and health line ministries, with applying and meeting minimum conditions for accessing the respective sector grants for improved health, education, wash services
  5. Support participatory planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting on quality social services in communities, and institutions (Schools and Health Care Facilities) as an integral part of the Provincial Plan.
  6. Strengthen the generation and use of child-focused data for service delivery at the subnational level.
  7. Provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Provincial Government and and Institutional Strengthening for the drafting of the new Provincial Governments Act

The Solomon Islands Government’s National Development Strategy (NDS) 2016-2035 recognizes that good governance and credible and stable policies (NDS Objective #4) are fundamental to economic growth and to the efficiency of public service delivery. The NDS objectives link directly with SDG #3 (Good Health), SDG #4 (Quality Education), SDG #5 (Gender Equality), SDG #6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and SDG #16 (Peace, Justice, and Effective Institutions).

This project contributes (together with a UNDP-led component) to a broader initiative aiming at supporting Provincial Governance and local administrations’ service delivery in Solomon Islands.