Programme Officer - budget support programmes and of technical cooperation projects in the field of Macroeconomics, Public Sector Reform, Public Finance Management, Domestic Revenue Mobilization and Statistics

30.09.2022 Expired

Job profile

Programme Officer - budget support programmes and of technical cooperation projects in the field of Macroeconomics, Public Sector Reform, Public Finance Management, Domestic Revenue Mobilization and StatisticsDomainsGeneric domain
INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION and DEVELOPMENTIntermediate domainSpecific domain
NoOverall purpose
Advise on and manage, under the supervision of the Head of Cooperation, the implementation of budget support programmes and of technical cooperation projects in the field of Macroeconomics, Public Sector Reform, Public Finance Management, Domestic Revenue Mobilization, Fight against corruption and Statistics. Assist the Head of Cooperation or Section in coordinating the relevant activities, where required, including contributing to the Commission's sector analysis and policy dialogue.

Functions and duties
• Support policy dialogue with all relevant ministries, agencies, donors and other relevant
stakeholders in all areas of concern, in particular the dialogue on public finance
management with the Ministry of Finance and Development Partners.
• Contribute to sector analysis, (in particular macroeconomic analysis) and to the definition of a sector strategy for the European Commission (EC), i.e.: Country Strategic Paper (CSP),
Multiannual Indicative Programme (MIP), etc.
• Draft of and/or contribute to periodic reports and analysis of macroeconomic reform and
public finance management, Risks Management Framework and Domestic Revenue
• Contribute to the development and application of common approaches by the EC and
Member States in the country of assignment.

• Identification and formulation of programmes, in particular those related to the economic
sector, the support to public finance and blending operations in close cooperation with the
beneficiary institution(s).
• Contribute to all aspects of the procurement process (drafting Terms of Reference,
launching tenders, etc.); evaluate projects.
• Monitor ongoing projects, attend management and monitoring meetings, elaborate progress reports on projects and propose action if and when needed.
• Encodes entries in OPSYS, CRIS, ARES, BPC or equivalent accurately and comprehensively and/or conducts the quality checks (e.g. accuracy and comprehensiveness) of data entered; Give an ''operational visa'' on documents where required.

• Under the supervision of an EU official maintain good and effective contacts with the local
operators in the field, with the national authorities and institutions, with representatives of the diplomatic missions of the Member States, with representatives of the principal international donors, with NGOs and other local non-official actors.
• Prepare and assist in missions from Headquarters.
• Participate in groups dealing with macroeconomics, public finance reform/management, and budgetary transparency.
• Participate in the Delegation and the Commission services meetings, working groups,
committees or other coordination events.

• Monitor and report on the national policy context with particular reference to economic,
sectorial, social and institutional developments to inform the ongoing work of the Delegation as well as contribute to its Annual Reports.
• Observe, monitor and report regularly and in timely fashion to hierarchy on socioeconomic
development, international cooperation and development and related sectors policies, as
well as in response to any specific requests.
• Contribute to regular Delegation reports e.g. on economic and public financial management, issues and any other sector under his/ her responsibility.
• Draft speeches, speaking notes and briefings in the sector of concern when required.

• Produce and disseminate the results of projects at workshops, seminars, conferences and
other public events.
• Extract and disseminate best practices and facilitate exchange of experiences.
• Contribute to the production of reports and publications of the Delegation on Development
matters (AMP, EAMR, Risk management framework, Public finance in particular).
• Coordinate and negotiate with national and international actors on macroeconomics, public finance reform/management and budgetary transparency and any other sector under his/her responsibility.
• Contribute to the production of publications and other visibility materials, including "story
telling" & produce and disseminate the results of projects at workshops, seminars,
conferences and other public events.
• Ensure proper EU visibility for projects implemented by partners e.g. EU MS, UN agencies &
communicate on EC development cooperation, in the host country and the region, at
workshops and seminars.

Job requirements

Job-Related experience: at least 3 years
Qualifier: essential
Professional experience pertinent to the duties to be carried out of at least three years, in
particular on PFM reform and macro analyses. University Degree in economics or related fields.
Communication and facilitation skills. Professional experience in the implementation of budget support programs of the EU or other donors will be an asset.Languages

  Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production Writing
English C1 C1 C1 C1 C1
French B2 B2 B2 B2 B2

• Analysing and Problem Solving
• Prioritising and Organising

Job Environment

Organisational entity
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Job related issues
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[ ] Frequent, i.e. 2 or more missions / month
[ ] Long duration, i.e. missions lasting more than a week


Workplace, health & safety related issues
[ ] Noisy environment
[ ] Physical effort / materials handling
[ ] Work with chemicals / biological materials
[ ] Radioprotection area
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